Aug 9, 2011

Although a time machine WOULD be nice.......

Today my kids were bored. We have 2 different gaming systems, 3 TVs, 4 computers, 2 dvd players, cable and streaming boxes for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. A microwave oven, a dishwasher, 3 cars, 3 cats and a dog. We even have a swimming pool in the back yard. Not to mention more toys than I even knew existed when I was a kid! How can they be bored????

When I told them we had NONE of these things when I was a kid (except a TV, a car and usually a couple of cats and/or dogs), they were astonished...."What did you DO all day, Mom?"

Well, I'll tell you what I did. I rode my bike all over. I rollerskated for hours. I played hop-scotch and kick the can and ghost in the graveyard. I climbed trees and played in the corn fields. I jumped rope and hula-hooped. I swung from vines in the trees and made a fort and pretended I was a pioneer who lived off the land. I caught fireflies and set them free. I lay on my back on the cool grass and found pictures in the clouds, or the stars. I hunted wild berries and waded in the creek. We watched family shows with our parents at night, and Saturday morning cartoons. Sometimes the day was not even long enough to do everything I wanted to do, before the streetlights came on and we had to go in.

I do realize that a lot of the things I did are not even safe for my kids to do. But I think all the technology takes something away from our kids, and it makes me sad. I wish I could take them back with me for a day, because those days were truly magical!


  1. But they are not allowed to play red rover... past or present. Because you're crazy.

  2. Amen, er... Sister!! I miss those days too. :)