Jun 2, 2011


I was thinking earlier that I need to set some goals for myself. I tend to either NOT set them, and fly by the seat of my pants, or set really lame or unrealistic ones. Such as.....

Raise all of my kids to be fully functional members of society who do not grow up to live in my basement.

Get a house with a basement, because I'm pretty sure the above goal is never gonna happen.

Learn a really awesome dance routine for MC Hammers "Can't touch this" and win America's Got Talent with it.

Learn to play the drums and tour with Kid Rock. (If he stays country, scratch that and change to tour with Steven Tyler).

Go on a date with Peter Dinklage. I know I'm married, but Steve assures me that if Peter Dinklage ever asks me on a date, he will let me go.

Run a marathon. I have never run, but every time I see someone running or read about someone running a marathon, I envy them. Or maybe I envy their fabulous tush and legs. Yeah, that might be what it is.

I do have a real honest to goodness goal, and it doesn't suck, but that's a whole nuther blog.

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