Dec 29, 2010

A paragraph isn't the whole story. It's just what happens before what happens next....

This morning I went for an energizing run in the brisk morning air. My husband had fresh squeezed orange juice waiting for me when I returned home, which I sipped while catching up on the news and cooling down. I took a nice, long hot shower, letting the steam roll over me, clearing my head and soothing my muscles. I brushed my teeth, moisturized my skin top to bottom, and combed my hair.

Then I woke up.

I was on the couch, still in my clothes from yesterday. I was sandwiched between two cats and a seven year old child. My right arm was completely numb. My head felt like someone had slammed it in a car door. I was laying on what felt like a huge rock, but turned out to be a couple of Littlest Pet Shop toys. I carefully extracted myself from the heap of cats, toys, and child, and stumbled into the kitchen to make myself coffee.

That first paragraph is not totally a life used to resemble that at one time. The second paragraph is my life now. I love it, I hate it, I laugh, I cry.......But mostly I just try to get through to the next day without being too hard on myself or anybody else. We are all in this together, and life is just a series of paragraphs. You never know what the next one will be about.....


  1. Great! Can't wait to hear more! :)

  2. Also I am not in this picture. And that is sucky. LOL

  3. I will put a picture of you in my next blog :)

  4. J.R. Schenk1/1/11, 3:07 AM

    Happy 2011!!!

  5. I was all excited for what you got to do....then I read you woke up.



    I can't wait to read more.

  6. looking forward to more posts ! I know your an amazing mom to your kids. And Amanda speaks of you proudly. Love reading your posts.
    i have another blog that i write. definitely check out.